Semi-Rectangular Combo Formaldehyde Cartridges/ P100 Filter For 7000/7800/9000 Series Respirators


NIOSH Approved For: Formaldehyde

The Moldex #7067 Series combines cartridges and filters into a fully integrated, easy-to- attach unit, offering maximum convenience and broader based protection.

  • Simplifies inventory by combining formaldehyde cartridges and P100 filters.
  • Reduced breathing resistance, means improved breathability
  • Exclusive IonicAir Filtration Technology™ (IFT) used in P100 Filter, means more airflow, more comfort, more wear and compliance.
  • Use with gas proof goggles or the Moldex 9000 Full Face
  • Can be used with 7000, 7800 and 9000 series respirators
  • Emphasizes user convenience and broader based protection, for a wider variety of hazardous environments.
  • Includes cover for splash and spark protection.
  • Keyless bayonet-style attachment makes assembly quick and easy
  • 100% PVC-Free for a reduced environmental impact.
  • NIOSH approved.
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Common Applications

Synthesis of formaldehyde resins, chelating agents and dyes, textile manufacturing, tanning operations, manufacture of particle board, plywood, sandpaper, grinding wheels, embalming, pharmaceutical, battery, nuclear, welding and metal processing. For contaminants such as asbestos, lead, inorganic arsenic, cadmium and MDA that fall under an OSHA substance specific standard requiring a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Outside of the USA, check with all applicable and local government regulations. Also for use in environments where oil-based particulates are present.


Model # Description Qty. per Bag Qty. per Case
7567 Semi-Rectangular Combo Formaldehyde Cartridges/ P100 Filter 1 pair 30 bags
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