Glide® Soothers Foam Twist-In PlugStation®


  • Moisturizes for all day comfort
  • Unique multi-curved stem rotates for a custom fit
  • Extra-soft, low-pressure foam for comfort and fit.
  • Large handle on curved stem for easy insertion & removal
  • Cord can be attached at any desired length
  • Hang a PlugStation® anywhere plugs are needed
  • Look for the streaks and swirls as a symbol of Moldex quality
  • • 100% PVC-Free, for reduced environmental impact./li>

Glide® Soothers Foam Twist-In Advantages


Model# Description Qty. per Box Qty. per Case NRR CSA
6886 Glide Soothers Foam Twist-In with Cord 100 Pairs per Dispenser 4 Dispensers per Case 31dB AL

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