Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridges For 9000 Series Respirators


NIOSH Approved For:

Ammonia and Methylamine
  • Use with gas proof goggles or the Moldex 9000 Full Face when used against ammonia
  • Keyless bayonet-style attachment makes assembly quick and easy
  • For contaminants that fall under an OSHA substance specific standard requiring a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter use with 7940 P100 Filter Disk and 7920 Piggyback Adapter
  • 100% PVC-Free, like all Moldex products & packaging - for a greener alternative

Common Applications

Manufacture of fertilizer, textiles, paper or rubber, synthetic resins, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, extraction of metal ores, treatment of scrap metal, petroleum refining, photographic chemicals, blueprinting, electroplating, production of dyes





Model # Description Qty. per Bag Qty. per Case
7400 Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridges 1 Pair 30 Bags per Case


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