Semi-Rectangular Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridges For 7000/7800/9000 Series Respirators


NIOSH Approved For: Ammonia and Methylamine

Moldex’s new semi-rectangular chemical cartridges have an increased surface area thanks to their innovative shape. This means improved breathability; you’ll notice less resistance throughout the day while staying protected.

  • Reduced breathing resistance, means improved breathability
  • Use with gas proof goggles or the Moldex 9000 Full Face when used against ammonia
  • Can be used with 7000, 7800 and 9000 series respirators
  • Keyless bayonet-style attachment makes assembly quick and easy
  • Pair with 7740 P100, 7970 R95 or 7910 N95 particulate filters
  • For use against particulates when no oil is present use with 7910 Pre-Filter and 7927 Piggyback Adapter
  • For contaminants that fall under an OSHA substance specific standard requiring a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter use with 7740 P100 Filter Disk and 7927 Piggyback Adapter
  • 100% PVC-Free for a reduced environmental impact.

Common Applications

Applications list: Manufacture of fertilizer, textiles, paper or rubber, synthetic resins, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, extraction of metal ores, treatment of scrap metal, petroleum refining, photographic chemicals, blueprinting, electroplating, production of dyes


Model # Description Qty. per Bag Qty. per Case
7407 Semi-Rectangular Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridges 1 pair 30 bags


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