7000/7800/9000 Probed Cartridge Kit


Kit includes everything needed to perform quantitative fit testing using TSI Portacount on all 7000 Series, 7800 Series and 9000 Series Moldex respirators.

  • Comply with OSHA standards for quantitative fit testing
  • Includes:
    • 1 Probed Cartridge For Use With 7000 or 7800 Series
    • 1 Probed Cartridge For Use With 9000 Series
    • 1 Pair 7940 P100 Filter Disks
    • 1 Pair 7920 Piggyback Adapters
    • Instructions and certificates
  • Respirators sold separately

Quantitative Fit Test Training:

  • Instructional videos below give step-by-step instructions

For some qualified customers, Moldex representatives are available to administer on-site quantitative fit test services as well as instruct a customer's own employees through a Train-The-Trainer program.  Moldex also maintains a Portacount Loan Out Program.  Contact Moldex here to learn more.


Instructions For 7000 and 7800 Series Respirators

Instructions For 9000 Series Respirators


Model # Description Quantity
7006 Probed Cartridge Quantitative Fit Test Kit 1 Kit
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