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Corporate Office:
10111 Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Telephone: 800-421-0668 or 310-837-6500
Fax: 310-837-9563

Moldex is one of the most recognized and respected names in hearing and respiratory protection in industrial worker safety. Comfort, quality and value are all synonymous with a Moldex product.

Moldex has a strong history of perpetual innovation. We strive to design and engineer products that provide comfort and style for workers. Products they want to wear. This focus is backed up with over seventy patents for innovative and unique products like our EZ-ON® and HandyStrap® respirators as well as our PlugStation®earplug dispenser.

We have an ongoing commitment to both superior product design and continuous technological improvements in the manufacturing process so you get quality products you can trust. The quality systems of Moldex are registered and certified to the IS0 9001:2015 standard by DQS.

Moldex has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, plus sales offices and warehouses in all major markets worldwide and distribution in over fifty countries.

Customer Support

For Authorized Moldex Distributors:
Order products by telephone, arrange returns, refunds and replacements, get shipping info, or request a quotation.

Phone: 800-421-0668 or 310-837-6500 ext. 550 Fax: 310-837-9563

To Order Products By FAX:
FAX: 310-559-0400

To Order Products by Email:

For End Users:
Request product literature and samples, fitting instructions and training materials, or to find a distributor: 800-421-0668 or 310-837-6500 ext. 550 or email

Technical Support

If you have questions about product specifications, product applications, choosing appropriate hearing and respiratory protection to meet regulatory compliance requirements, fit testing, etc.

Phone: 800-421-0668 ext. 512
Fax: 310-837-9563

Key Contacts

Vice President of Sales Bill Schubach
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 590
FAX: 310-436-0427
National Accounts Manager Michael Balmforth
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 356
FAX: 310-436-0401
VP-Technical Services Jeffrey Birkner
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 700
FAX: 310-837-2024
Technical Services & Government Sales Manager James Gallegos
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 301
FAX: 310-837-9563
Vice President Operations and General Counsel James E. Hornstein
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 368
FAX: 310-436-0427
VP-Finance Meiling Hsu
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 800
FAX: 310-836-5428
Marketing Director Craig Smidt
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 525
FAX: 310-842-8671
Vice President, Quality Assurance Mark Meinecke
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 705
FAX: 310-837-0468
Creative Design Manager Kuk Kim
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 527
FAX: 310-842-8671
Accounts Receivable Manager Lisa Marie Robinson
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 828
FAX: 310-841-2507
VP-Special Projects Bernard Mishkin
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 501
FAX: 310-841-6449
Human Resources DirectorMarilu Luna
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 812
FAX: 310-841-0171
Customer Service ManagerJessica Grimaldi
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 304
FAX: 310-841-0171


Director of Sales – EastFrank Pingtella
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 314
Director of Sales – WestBrian Johansen
Phone: 800-421-0668,
ext. 316

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