7000 Series Fine Dust Particulate and Asbestos (non friable) – P2/P3


  • Everything needed for the type of protection chosen in a compact neat container ready to go
  • 4 different protection kits with either our 7000 Series half mask or with our enhanced comfort 7800 silicone half mask
  • Each container contains either a 7000 Series or 7800 Series facepiece, the corresponding cartridges, filters and accessories, 10 hygienic wipes for easy mask cleaning and a pair of foam earplugs
  • Container keeps contents clean, dry and ready to go for work site transportation or storage
  • 100% PVC-Free, like all Moldex products & packaging – for a greener alternative

7000 Series Multi-Gas / Vapour – A1B1E1K1

7000 Series Facepieces

Model # Description Qty. per Bag Qty. per Case
70601A Small Facepiece 1 Kit 4 Kits per Case
70602A Medium Facepiece 1 Kit 4 Kits per Case
70603A Large Facepiece 1 Kit 4 Kits per Case
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