The Most Popular Earplug Dispenser Leads the Way in Hearing Protection

Keep An Earful Within Easy Reach

With Moldex PlugStation and EcoStation, you can afford to put ear plugs in all the places they’re needed. Hang one near workstations, another outside the restrooms and another in the break room. Easy, convenient access to hearing protection will help ensure that the earplugs are being used and will save time. Plus each PlugStation and EcoStation Starter Pack comes with a free bracket for easy hanging.

Hygienic From Dispenser To Your Hand

Unlike competitive dispensers, Uncorded PlugStations and EcoStations are sealed to ensure that the plugs stay clean and sanitary. With Moldex PlugStations and EcoStations, earplugs drop right into the palm of your hand so you don’t have to worry about trays collecting dust and contaminants.

Increased Compliance And Cost Savings Too

Convenient, quick access and ease of use lead to higher compliance. Plus, because workers take one pair at a time there is no wasteful grabbing of multiple pairs or pocket fill ups that end up getting trashed without being used. Less waste means more cost savings.
used. Less waste means more cost savings.

Easy Snap-In Refills

The refillable and recyclable EcoStation dispenser is easy on the hearing protection budget and easy on the environment. When your EcoStation is out of earplugs, order a refill and hang your plugs in seconds. Recycle the old container and give back to the environment. Going green has never been easier.

The First Corded Earplug Dispenser

Moldex offers the convenience, increased compliance and cost savings of the PlugStation to employers that require a corded earplug.

EcoStation™/PlugStation® Dispensers

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