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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide
CAS# 409-21-2
Carbon Silicide; Carborundum; Silicon Monocarbide
OEL (ppm)
Fibrous Dust 15mg/m3 (o) total dust 5mg/m3 (o) respirable dust Non-Fibrous Dust 10mg/m3 *,∆ 3mg/m3 **,∆ (as Silicone Carbide only)
Protection Required:
t-A2 *Inhalable fraction of the aerosol **Respirable fraction of the aerosol ***Respirable fibers length >5µ; aspect ratio ≥3:1, as determined by the membrane filter method at 400-450x magnification (4-mm objective), using phasecontrast illumination. ∆Particulate matter containing no abestos and <1% crystaline silica; ACGIH NIC to 0.1 f/cc (t) including whiskers
Moldex suggested:
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