Compliance just got a whole lot easier.

Moldex designed the 7000 and 7800 half mask and 9000 full face series to be the most user friendly respirators on the market. The streamlined 7000/9000 feature fewer parts, minimal maintenance, and a wider field of vision. They are both ultra–lightweight, durable, and economical, so maximum comfort with extended use is built-in.

The 7000/9000 series add up to simple, comfortable, and economical respiratory protection that’s just plain EASY TO WEAR.


  • The 7800 Premium Silicone Half Mask has higher resistance to heat and compression, with all the enhanced comfort and durability of silicone.
  • Sleek design for modern, high-tech look and increased worker acceptance.
  • Light weight design plus extra-wide sealing area provides all-day comfort.
  • Low profile, compact design fits well under welding helmets and with safety glasses.
  • Mask drops down for convenient storage around the neck or locks down for custom fit.
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  • Streamlined and ultra-light weight increases worker comfort and compliance.
  • Exclusive over-molded lens design for greater field of vision, less weight, fewer parts, less maintenance.
  • Completely free of metal parts for mines, refineries and other industries.
  • Economically priced.


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  • Prepackaged assemblies for the most common applications.
  • The extra wide surface seals easily and stays sealed even when talking.
  • Each cartridge comes with a new inhalation valve and features a snap-in mount that eliminates mis-threading.