9000 Series Particulate Disk and Pre-Filters and Filter Accessories



All Particulate Filters are certified. The #7940A and #7960A P2/P3 Particulate Filter Disks have an efficiency level of 99.97% or greater against both oil and non-oil based particulate aerosols. The 8910A P2 Particulate Filter is 95% efficient against non-oil based particulate aerosols only. The #7960A also offers relief from nuisance levels of OV/Ozone.

Dual Applications

Use 8010A P2 Pre-Filter with the 7020 Pre-Filter Retainer with any Gas/Vapour Cartridge. Use the 7940A P2/P3 Filter Disk or 7960A P2/P3 Filter Disk plus Nuisance OV as a stand alone filter or use the 7940A with the 7920A Piggyback Adapter with any Gas/Vapour Cartridge.

Suitable for Welding

P2 Particulate Filters are suitable for most welding applications. Use the #7960A P2/P3 Filter when nuisance levels of OV/Ozone are present.

P2 Applications:

Welding, Grinding, Lime, Metal Machining, Aluminum Processing, Bagging, Brazing, Buffing, Cement Work, Dusty Environments, Foundries, Metal Working, Mining, Polishing, Poultry, Sanding, Soldering, Stone Quarrying, Sweeping, Textiles, Torch Cutting, Waste Processing/Recycling.



Model # Description Quantity Qty. per Case
7940A P2/P3 Particulate Filter Disk 1 Pair per Bag 30 Bags per Case
7960A P2/P3 Particulate Filter Disk with Nuisance Organic vapours 1 Pair per Bag 30 Bags per Case
8910A P2 Particulate Pre-Filter 5 Pairs per Bag 10 Bags per Case
7020 Pre-Filter Retainer 1 Pair per Bag 50 Bags per Case
7920 Filter Disk Piggyback Adapter 1 Pair per Bag 30 Bags per Case
8020 Splash/Spark Protector 10 Pairs per Box 5 Boxes per Case
0074 Gaskets 20 per Bag 1 Bag per Case