Ear Plugs

SLC (80) up to (model 6400)
, Corded
rockets metal detectable
, Metal Detectable

SLC(80) up to 24db (model 6400), Class 4 Protection

With an SLC (80) up to 24db (model 6400) rating, the ear plugs provide serious protection for most noisy environments. Tested independently in an accredited laboratory.

get a grip

reusable ear plugs are designed to give you a great grip. The easy grip handle lets them easily slip into the ear and it’s brightly coloured for compliance checks.

air cushioned for comfort.

The air bubble in the tip provides cushioned comfort for all-day wear. The soft, flexible flanges provide a superior seal and fit most size ear canals.

wash and wear again

ear plugs can be washed and reused. Each pair comes with a carrying case to keep them clean when not in use. The smooth shape slides easily into your pocket. No sharp edges.

Metal detectable Version

also come in a metal detectable version which has a new metal detectable cord. The bright blue colour is perfect for food processing applications. The enclosed metal spring eliminates any exposed metal. The ear plugs are corded to prevent earplug loss.



Model # Description Qty. per Box Qty. per Case SLC (80)
6400 , Uncorded 50 Pairs per Box 4 Boxes per Case
6405 , Corded 50 Pairs per Box 4 Boxes per Case
6415 , Metal Detectable Corded 50 Pairs per Box 4 Boxes per Case