M1 Premium Earmuff

MX-5 Earmuff

SLC (80)
M1 Premium Earmuff

good looks and style.

The MX-5 is a cool and comfortable upgrade in earmuffs. The larger cup openings are designed to fit most ear sizes. The cushion-ribbed headband allows cool comfort all day long and the non-slip wire makes adjustments easy. The MX-5 is easy to wear and durable, have a sharp, cool look and increase compliance.

Lightweight metal band design.

Lightweight wire frame allows easy cup adjustment, yet holds its position for lasting comfort.



Model # Description Qty. per Box Qty. per Case SLC (80)  
6120 MX-5 Earmuff 1 Earmuff per Box 10 Boxes per Case 32dB  
6125 Hygiene Kit 1 Kit per Bag 20 Bags per Case N/A