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Increase compliance, worker satisfaction, and cost savings on your hearing protection program with Alphas Reusable Earplugs.

With an independently tested NRR of 27dB, Alphas Reusable provide one of the highest levels of protection on the market.

Don’t take our word for it, sign up for a sample request and let your crew experience the comfort and quality themselves.

Better yet, we’ll include a hearing protection fitting poster in your sample. Hang it in the breakroom and harbor a safer work environment.

Your Alphas Reusable Earplugs sample will include:

1. A sample of roughly XXX earplugs for you and your crew
2. An Alphas Hearing Protection Fitting Poster
3. More information on other Moldex hearing and respiratory protection products

Ready to make the switch to Alphas? Contact a Sales Rep in your area, here.

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