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*All Moldex® products and packaging are PVC-Free. Moldex foam earplugs are made of polyurethane and Moldex disposable respirators are made primarily of polypropylene.


The Moldex® Healthcare Division was recently created as a part of our business strategy to bring focus to the unique needs and opportunities for personal protection in healthcare.

Moldex® , one of the most recognized and respected names in respiratory and hearing protection for industrial workers, worldwide, now offers products designed with the healthcare work environment in mind. Comfort, quality and value without compromise are all synonymous with our approach to design since our founding in 1948.

Our products have been tested and proven in some of the most severe workplaces on the planet. This strong history of perpetual innovation is backed by over fifty patents.

Moldex® offers numerous respirator models for a variety of applications, with a multitude of advantages. In addition, you'll often see a wider selection of model sizes than other manufacturers offer. That's because when it comes to safety and comfort, we've found, one size doesn't fit all. Please see our Healthcare Catalog for more details.

An increasing number of hospitals, purchasing groups and companies are implementing environmentally preferred purchasing programs and this creates tremendous challenges. And tremendous opportunities. Moldex® is meeting these challenges and opportunities head-on by offering the first and only line of respiratory and hearing protection products that are completely PVC-Free.

At Moldex® we've made a pledge of our own: No PVC. No extra cost.