Providing the most comfortable and durable personal protective equipment to keep customers safe.

In the world of personal protective equipment, Moldex® stands for innovative design, construction, and functionality. Our products are created with the comfort and safety of the end-user in mind. Not only do our products protect workers, they are more comfortable, last longer, and resist daily wear and tear.

The quality construction and industry-leading design of our products allow workers to feel confident in their safety equipment. Our line of respiratory masks and hearing protection is built on our focus to keep workers safe and healthy.

What's New

Reusable Respirators
Reusable Respirators

Industry-Leading Design

Creating premium quality respiratory masks and hearing protection that's comfortable and effective requires years of intensive research and development. We are consistently searching for new ways to improve our products, and our perpetual innovation has led us to hold more than 50 patents in the field.

All of our PPE solutions are designed in Culver City, California, and the vast majority of it is manufactured there as well. Our exacting standards of quality ensure functionality and durability, and our award-winning products enable higher degrees of performance. From respiratory masks that make breathing easier to hearing protection that stays comfortable all day, Moldex is a leading name in industrial worker safety.

Our proprietary innovations include:

  • The Plugstation®: The world's most convenient wall-mounted, disposable earplug dispenser, so you can put crucial PPE in the right place at the right time.
  • AirWave® Respiratory Masks: Employing a patented wave design, these masks allow far more filtering surface area, increased airflow, and easier breathing.
  • The HandyStrap® and SmartStrap®: Cloth-strap masks can be worn loosely around the neck during breaks and rest periods, so they are always ready when it's time to get back to the job.

Implementing a Green Solution

At Moldex, we are committed to making the best decisions for our customers while simultaneously considering our impact on the environment. We've taken proactive steps to create a smaller carbon footprint: our products and packaging are made without the use of harmful PVC, we source recyclable materials, and our literature is printed on recycled paper. Since our products are designed to last longer and require less frequent replacement, we aim to reduce waste and increase eco-friendly practices.

Greener By Design

Moldex is driven by innovation. Shop our full catalogue today and learn about how our products can improve safety and compliance in your facility.